Thursday, January 22, 2009

Indoor Soccer, Here We Come!!

So, we've started the indoor soccer season. Jonah is loving it. His coach doesn't do much, just rotate the kids sometimes. I was screaming at the first game, but no one else was, it is pretty silent, actually. The kids enjoy it - they run and run! It is 4 on 4 and they play no out of bounds, so it's play off of the walls and everything, and there is no goalie. Jonah's team got SMOKED by an all-girls team his first game last week, but last night he got about 4 goals and they beat the white team pretty badly.

Thank goodness my MIL was watching Jax because Eli had his very first soccer game at exactly the same time as Jonah so I was going back and forth the whole time. The two courts are only separated by a hole in the wall to walk through, and both play with no boundaries (off of the wall), so I was walking through games standing in the middle the whole time. Eli had a blast and just ran and ran. Greg Summerhays is a GREAT coach - especially for this age when they are learning - the Sandy City kid in charge even said that he is the one coach he saw actually talking to the kids and helping them out - way to go Greg!

It was a great experience, as you can see, for all!!


The Felts said...

Oh my gosh he's getting so big!!! I wish we saw each other more :( Hopefully before July 4th, but I'll take what I can get! Give those adorable boys a hug for me!