Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Back . . .

So sorry I haven't been around for a while - I got a new Stake calling in January - the Individual and Family Emergency Preparedness Specialist. I have gone storage crazy - deal shopping, etc. Tons of meetings (city, CERT, cannery, training, etc.) and just more stuff to do.

Okay -that was yesterday - my five seconds of inhaling pizza nobody else liked. So, it is Conference Saturday - Jonah says how much he loves conferences, but the little booklet he got from primary is kind of driving him crazy - he wants to know what they are talking about, before they even start talking. I don't know where he gets that from. I have recently decided my kids ADD (especially Jonah's) is a direcet result of my ADD. I need to relax a little. . .really.

One think that I have started since I wrote last was working out at 24 hour fitness. Eli thinks that I go there so he can play MarioKart on the Nintendo in the play room. It is actually very nice that he is so motivated to go and asks to go everyday. The only thing that has thrown a wrench in my program was that Suzi (my neighbor with 3 kids that are tube-fed) has asked me to help her get the kids ready in the am. Actually, it was Taylor, her husband, who called because he is now back to being a patrol officer (Salt Lake), working graveyards. I love going - the boys are great (I do know boys!), I only really feed them (they have a bather, Juan, who is awesome), and the kids like the dogs (Jax shows this by kicking the little one in the gut - yeah, that will be ending VERY soon!). They even pay me to come through the funding they get, but once I am back home, it is tough to go back out to the gym.

Next week, Monday at 9:30, we'll have a breakfast get together at my house (everyone is invited, just bring something to share that is breakfasty)for my birthday on Tuesday. Sometimes we celebrate at Hagermann's Bakery, but Jax is SUCH a nightmare - I decided that I wanted to have it at my house - stop by and check out my new wood and carpet flooring - (there's my ADD) - anyways, Jax is SO bad to take anywhere. Yesterday I dropped Jonah at Dylan's party at the bowling alley, and Scotty is just hanging there with the kids while Kriss is at the counter - Jax would have been down the wood floor, getting stuck in the ball return and running around with pins. During indoor soccer, Jana's Jakey just sits and hangs out with her - not a peep from him. The two times we took Jax I had to wrestle him kicking and screaming so he wouldn't run around on the court. So, my point is, it is my birthday, so my house is much more relaxing for me:)

Jax showed his true form yesterday as we took Eli to another ENT to check his tonsils. He probably needs a tonsillectomy (if anyone has any thoughts on whether or not we should do the surgery, let me know) because his tonsils are enlarged. He doesn't complain of a sore throat and hasn't had strep, but he snores and doesn't seem to sleep very well. So, at the appointment, the kids are running around in an 8'x8' room, while I am intently trying to listen to the doctor - finally I corral them both (by stuffing them with tic tac's) and are holding them - and Jax hits Eli right in the face - even the doctor's eyes got really wide and amazed. That's my cute little boy!

Our summer is pretty much PACKED!! The Sunday after Eli gets done at school (June 14th) we leave for North Carolina. We come home on July 4th, my parents coming with me to help on the flight home (THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!) - that is the LONGEST flight ever! Jonah has scout camp (yes, he'll be a scout by then!) on the 6th, My parents will be here for Jonah's baptism on July 11th. They will then leave to go visit my brother in Colorado on July 16th, we will drive to Newport Beach with Jory's whole family on the 17th and get back on the 24th (just in time for our neighborhood party maybe?). Jonah has soccer camp August 3-7 all day long - we need to find something for Eli to do in August - before school starts on August 26th. Eli is so ready to be in Kindergarten - actually ready for about 2nd grade - he reads as well as Jonah does - with great inflection and all. He actually read the first 2 pages of Twilight before I did!!

That is the downlow on what we are doing - Oh - one other thing - as I eluded to earlier, Jory surprised me with new carpet while I was at scrapaway at the end of February. Because I wanted wood in the kitchen, though, it turned into a big project and thanks to Sheri (at Georgia carpets) and Jamie (the amazing "Mexi-CAN", it all came together beautifully!!

Thanks for checking up on me!!!


Kriss said...

You are one busy lady! No wonder the ADD kicks in every so often!

Nikkie said...

I am very pro-tonsillectomy. Especially if it is having an impact on his sleep. When kids aren't getting enough REM sleep it can cause all sorts of issues with growth, behavior and attitude. There is a lot that happens when we sleep and if he is never getting into a deep sleep, then important stuff is not happening. I had great results from having Kelsie's tonsils out. I'm sorry I missed your birthday get together-it sounds like fun! One of these days I will have to stop by and see the carpet and hardwood-I'm sure it looks great!