Saturday, May 31, 2008

Outdoor fun

Okay - last, with one more second - yesterday I took these from my bedroom window - it was funny because the kids could hear me, but with being inside, they couldn't tell where I was.

Anyways, the thing that makes me cringe a little is that when we moved into this house, I think the dogs that had been here did lots of their duty in this corner, but what can I do. They were "looking for beetles" as Eli says, but the part of this story that I want to remember is that I looked out on these guys about 1 hour later and Jax was grabbing his ears and rubbing all over him and looked perturbed, but he wasn't crying. Well, I ran to the bathroom to start a bath and by the time I got out there, Jonah was bringing him up to me. They had gotten into an ant hill - Jax had tons of bites on his legs and neck - and a couple on his hands. They all got baths/showers last night, needless to say. I was itchy all night, and about 8:00 found an ant down my own shirt!! I showed it to Jory and he pinched it to kill it and it bit him!! KILLER ANTS!!

I like your irises

Just finally took a picture of the crazy irises my parents brought me last year. They are from when I graduated from grad school, Vanderbilt's school flower is the iris, so they gave me a small bag of bulbs. My mom decided to plant them in Iowa, then when they decided to move, they drove out here to SLC to bring me some starts - WOW!! They are HUGE and GOREGOUS, as you can see. Jonah is standing there (in his pj's - it was when I thought of it, okay!) so you can see them up against an almost 7 year old!! Thanks, Mom!

A Little Plug

Hi there,
In looking at my SIL's blog, I wanted to add a plug for Jory's business. He is an optometrist (that means that he can do EVERYTHING but cut your eye - that includes lasik, but he does pre and post care for lasik surgery). Anyways - he has tons of frames and will order in anything from catalogs or websites. He has his own office located at:
8806 Redwood Road Suite 101
West Jordan, Utah 84088
These are made by a Danish business called Pro Design - they have all different fun color combos!!

I looked for some Bebe sunglasses to show you, but for some reason Jory has a better selection than what is in their own catalog- I have about 4 pairs of sunglasses alone!

Here is a picture of my most recent pair of glasses - I don't need them at all, it's kind of a family joke, but I get a new pair every so often when Jory need a back up gift plan - but I love it!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Day. . .

Hello, not much going on again today - just preparing for our trip a week from Monday to NC - and the end of school looms near.

Eli went to "Day Out with Thomas" this last Saturday with Jory - they had so much fun - Jory especially enjoyed Sir Topham Hatt!
I took the boys on Monday to Speed Racer - we saw it in the IMAX theater - it was pretty good - Jonah loved it, but Eli was so sick - he had a fever and was curled up in a ball. Because of the roller-coaster-like scenes with the racing, I was just waiting for him to puke all over- but we got home and he took a nap - a 6 hour nap. He was better when he got up, watched a movie until 11 pm, and then went back to sleep and was fine. Whew!

Jax is super tired - it has been hard having Eli's carpool at 11:30 - Jax goes down about 10:30 - I got him down at 10:00 today, but he is WIPED and boobing about EVERYTHING!

Well, you'll see that I found a few more friendly blog links - Jonah's (BEST) teacher, my 2 of my brother-in-law's and their wives, so check it out!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Do I Really Have a "Spare" Minute?

Well, I am making one, anyways. Jax was up every 3 hours and stayed up at 5:30 with a fever around 103 all night (sorry, Laura, I hope the kids are immune by now:(). He is taking a (nice for me) afternoon nap, so it is quiet and the boys are down watching a movie.
Jonah has finished all he has to "do" for school - no more homework, he barely earned his "Prestigious Panther" award by staying up until 10:30 last night writing his numbers to 1000, and this morning at 7:00 writing a book about himself. So much for not teaching your kids to procrastinate - which actually is really not like me at all. But he is done! Yeah!! I EARNED that award! :)
Eli is being his old Eli self - watching Thomas and Scooby Doo when he can. I am letting them have an afternoon movie because, poor Jonah hasn't done that since Christmas break I think. It is cool out - only in the 40's, so definitely not play outside weather.
We bought our tickets to go to North Carolina for a month - June 9th to July 6th - finally. I am so stoked to leave life for a while - now it is just finding subs for my primary class, getting the newsletter done, having gifts wrapped for while I'm gone, etc. The only sad thing is that Jory will not be coming and will miss Father's Day with the boys and Jonah's 7th birthday. I can't believe he will be THAT OLD - wonder how I'll feel when my baby is 30!!
Well, I have ironing and vacuuming to do - I will NOT miss that in North Carolina - that's for SURE!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So, so long!

Sorry it has been a few days. On Monday my sister, Nicki, had a baby boy - he came about 1 month early, so last I heard the only name he had to go by was "Plant", picked by my niece, Alyson, who is 3 and who we have yet to meet!! Hopefully the name has changed, but the important part is that he seems to be doing well, by all of my parents accounts.

So, we are trying to decide the whole where to live issue. We absolutely LOVE our neighborhood - but I drive both of the boys to school, about 15 minutes each day for Jonah. More annoying than the drive, though, is that everyone at his school lives up by it, for the most part, and I'd like him to play with those kids too, to strengthen relationships. Every time he gets a note to play at someone's house, I have to explain that we live out of the neighborhood, so it is more difficult. Anyways, a friend of my BIL's came by to discuss a roofing job, and I got all excited about redoing this, putting in a backyard, etc. because the guy is a contractor so he does all of that stuff. So I'd like it if we hunkered down and put some time, $, and effort in, or started over.

A funny story from Jonah on Thursday. So I preface this with how Jory tries to instill a need to be good with the boys by telling them that they are Kimball's. "You are Kimball's - Kimball's would do (blank) or wouldn't do (blank)". We are in the car on the way home from school, and Jonah decides he wants to go to McDonald's for dinner - which is usual because we pass one on the way home. So he's saying to me "So, I want McDonald's for dinner." No response is necessary from me so he says "Yeah, Mom, we are Kimball's, and Kimball's can go where they want for dinner - Kimball's can go to McDonald's" - it was so funny!!

Jonah has been doing very good in school, and pretty much the only notes I get home say that he was very good at helping someone out or being patient while teachers dealt with a problem student. He also has been doing great at soccer. They had his last game today, and he is such a go-getter. He is just all over the place, and although he only got one goal this year - I am SOOO proud of him!! Some of his teammates have conked out mid game because the field is about double what they had last season, but Jonah just kept on trucking!! It is in the 80's today - so I have barely seen him - out on the slip-n-slide with the boys, now watching a tramp being put up in the neighbor's yard.

Eli is just running out crazy in the back with Dad and Jax. Jory had a camp out with the deacons last night and Eli and Jonah slept over at Jory's parents house. I got yardwork done - I was out there until about 12:00 midnight. It was good to get it done. So I go pick up the boys in the morning and Eli looks at me and says "I peed my pants" I looked at him and said "Right now?", he said "No, last night" - this is the first my MIL heard of it and says she had no clue. Sorry Robyn - and more laundry for Mom.

Jax slept from 7:30 last night until 8:30 this morning. It was great. He even took a good 3 1/2 hour nap - maybe he's hitting a growing spurt - not my baby! He is just hitting the back yard like no tomorrow - and will not stop going- Jory is out there with him and Eli. A good little break for me. Jory is kind of fading because everyone forgot sunscreen and they did a 5 mile hike today - he is FRIED!!

Well, better go get some grub started!! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just another day. . .

Well, nothing great and exciting happened today. Got some bushes trimmed a little, deadheaded the bulbs, and Jax enjoyed an hour or so outside - he LOVES to escape outside any time he can. I was actually thinking today what it was like for Jonah and Eli at one year old, as we were in our condo in Orange County, with no yard to play in. They only got out if I went out, and there was really no where to play right outside. And it doesn't hurt that Jax is a great kid - when we're out front, if he goes to far and I call him, he comes running back to me. He loves to stay with Jonah and Eli when they're outside, so if I can get them back, he's right there. Eli is my eternal homebody, but I did get him off to My Gym today. He was very good - and I got a 30 minute walk in - Jax enjoyed that, too. We finished getting all of the stuff to make Miss Sullivan's teacher appreciation basket - including the carwash certificates we got after picking up Jonah. Miss Carla, Jonah's speech person, stood us up today - it was confusing, though - we've been off for the last 3 weeks - she thought it was one more. For dinner I had some top sirloin out that I had to use today to make an recipe titled Oxacan Tacos. Now, if you click and link to this - you will be amazed to find my review stating the kids actually liked it. However, as stated, I modified for the kids - using no jalapenos (and no onions for Eli), and added some sour cream (okay, a ton of sour cream for Eli) and cheese to theirs - but Jonah was asking me just for the plain beef!! I also forgot the lime juice and cilantro - and Jax got a makeshift quesadilla and peas. We watched movies - I watched August Rush - how great a movie is that!!! And the boys watched some Dr. Suess movie. The kids went to bed about 30 minutes late - the bonus is that they went RIGHT to sleep!! Jory is away at a meeting to get his last continuing ed credits, so here I am. I will be helping at Jonah's class in the morning, so I better get some shut-eye!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holy Sabbath!

Well, it is now Tuesday - but Sunday gave me much to write about.

So we're at church today, and we’re in sacrament, and my 6 year old, Jonah, who just was given a new suit (at his request) and looks so handsome, asks to read my Bible. I’m so impressed, I turn to the lesson I know he will be having in primary. He reads it and I ask him a few questions about what he read, and he is dead on with his answers. So impressed am I, and he asks me to find Joshua. He reads some of that. Then I get out the Book of Mormon and turn to the Beatitiudes in 3 Nephi 12, and he got to verse 2 and it said "Yea, blessed are they who shall believe in your words, and come down into the depths of humility and be baptized. . ." So I pronounce "depths" and explain it by saying “depths means the very bottom” and Jonah looks at me and says “whose hairy bottom?”

Primary Proteges:

Next, in primary, the bishopric member doing sharing time is talking about families and asks the children what differences there are in families. He’s going for “some have only a mom”, “some may also have a grandma”, etc. Thankfully, instead of blurting out which she is very much prone to do, a little girl in my class turns right to me and says: "I know, they all have different germs!"

Eli, my 4 year old, during this same meeting, is watching the bishopric member put words up on the board. The word is "family" but there are many of them in many different languages. Two words are put up together (of course I don't remember what they were) but one started with an "H" and one with a "B". So Eli, my 4 year old reader, says: "I know, it says Happy Birthday"

Later, Eli goes on to stick his tongue out at his teacher when asked to sit down. Then, when the bishopric member first gets up, it is so quiet and the bishopric member even says "it is so quiet, I can even here myself!" Some kid makes some silly comment, then, from behind me, I hear a comment to the bishopric member in a voice I've known for the last 6 3/4 years "that's easy for YOU to say!" - needless to say, I looked like mother of the year today!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hi there, after a fun weekend getaway with the girls, I became convinced that this would be my thing - so here is my BLOG! My name is Kathy Kimball, I am married to a wonderful husband, Jory, and have been for ALMOST A DECADE!! We have 3 beautiful boys, Jonah (6), Eli (4), and Jax (1). We live in a suburb of Salt Lake City, where we will live for eternity (Salt Lake, at least). Jory's whole family is here, and he has built his optometry practice here, so here we will stay. It is the day after our neighborhood's fun scrapaway retreat, so I should probably go put my MOM hat back on, but I will return!!