Monday, June 30, 2008

Out and About Fun!

On Wednesday we went to one of the outlet malls, and even let the kids have a second of fun. I really enjoyed it, and it is good for Jory, too, because we're traveling I can't buy what I'd really like to think I can buy:)

We found this snake right outside of my parent's house - thank goodness I found it, and I didn't have someone bring it to ME! My Dad had to check it out to make sure it's not the dangerous kind, I guess there are 2 kinds of black snakes here. He said it wasn't - I'm just glad we didn't have a chance to find out.

On Friday we went to this really fun walking outdoor mall called Barefoot Landing.

Jax, pushing himself.

Dad, trying to get cell phone reception.

Grandpa and Eli.

The boys on the carousel.

There was this Circus place that was like a knock off Build-a-Bear. The kids were all about it on the way in, but we decided to do it on the way out so we wouldn't have to carry the things all over. When we got back, Eli was throwing one of his, now infamous tantrums that he didn't want one. Fine. So we pick an elephant for Jax (really for Eli because earlier that is what he said he wanted) and Jonah gets it all fluffed up. Then Eli throws a bigger tantrum that he wants this monkey thing! Wow - what have I created!! So we do that and really give the elephant to Jax. Then, picking out outfits, Nonny was dressing them all and the boys kept changing what they wanted. I made them keep what they asked for, but by the time we got to the car, Eli's monkey, Domp, wanted to be naked - I guess that is why they are buddies.

An Airplane Adventure

After that adventure, we were going to see some alligators, but we were all too wiped out. So we had lunch, then took pictures of a COOL yellow airplane (as per Cabela's) and helicopter that topped a mini golfing facility.

We then went to a fun store, Paradise, that just had a bunch of touristy stuff and beachwear. It had this cool sharks mouth you could enter the store through, although we were the only ones using it, everyone else went through the regular front door.

On Saturday we were going to have train day, in honor of Sweeps, aka Eli. I had seen a bunch of ads for this Thomas the Tank Engine day at Toys R Us, so we hunted one down. Thinking it would be really fun, maybe get a picture with Thomas, or Sir Topham Hatt, but it was just a couple of train maps and a VERY short story read every 30 minutes, and a coloring page. That was it. BORING. But, we tried.

Then we had to kill some time so, to the OTHER outlet mall - this one had covered walkways, so it was not too bad to walk around there. The kids found this fountain to stick their feet in to cool off a little bit.

The BIG HIT of the day was when we went to this hobby shop that Nonny had seen an article about. Above the store was this space, about the size of a good-sized kids room, where these men had a model train set up that they were working on. Not only was it cool to see, but the boys were SO GOOD!!! They were quiet, they didn't touch a thing - Jonah had his arms folded almost the whole time without even being asked. Jax was a little wiggly, but he is not one for being held for any length of time. They were all so good!! And the men were very nice, and you can see that Eli even got to blow the train whistle and push other buttons. He was SO in awe - he couldn't move!! It was a great experience for us all!!

Sorry the video is sideways - I'll try to adjust it when I get a second.

Friday, June 27, 2008

What a Busy Week!!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged!! I've had this window pulled up for a couple of days now, and am just now getting a chance to post.

My dad - after the FIRST hole!

Me, actually golfing! It went about 300 yards (oh - typo - I mean 30:).

Me and my golfing buddies, Bob and Ray.

So, here are some pictures of me golfing last Tuesday - I went with my Dad and his neighborhood buddies, Bob and Ray. Bob just had a stint put in a week ago, so I'm glad he made it all 9 holes. The golf course my Dad usually goes to is about 2 houses away, but they just aerated the course so we had to go to the sister course, the Farmstead. It was about 98 degrees out, and because it had rained on Monday, you couldn't ride your cart on the grass at all, so I guess it was more walking than usual (this is only my second time actually golfing, so I didn't know any better). I threw my arm out chunking at the ball on the second hole, so it was interesting the rest of the way. We had a lot of fun, Jonah wanted to know my "score", I told him 100 - he didn't like that too much - already an embarrassment to my children.

Coming home from the beach.
These were taken on the way home from Sunset Beach, which is where we usually go. It is a great beach - not too crowded, not too deep. It is a little worrisome that not far from where we swim, there are fishermen on a really high pier that are catching some big fish, but other than a cool jellyfish some man grabbed in a bucket and the crab Jonah picked up, mistaking it for a shell, oh, and the squishy thing I stepped on, there hasn't been much to worry about. You can tell Eli is about to pass out. He acts so tired at home, but as soon as we hit the beach or pool, he's all over it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Few More Birthday Pictures

The pictures posted earlier are from my Dad's phone in the car on the way home. These were taken at Chuck E. Cheese for Jonah's 7th Birthday Party. There was just me, my Mom, Dad, Jonah, Eli, Jax, and my parent's neighbor boy, Geordan. We really had a lot of fun, and Jonah really liked the games and stuff. It was perfect!

The Boardwalk Rides in Myrtle Beach

There were fun rides behind the Aquarium that the boys had fun on...

The Myrtle Beach Aquarium!

So we went to the Aquarium in Myrtle Beach on Thursday, June 19. It was really fun - Eli especially thought it was a treat!!

Fun Outside

Just having fun with the hose outside with Grandpa! Tuesday, June 17 in NC

And just an aside, because I am using this kind of as a journal, while swimming at the pool I set Jax up on the side and held on to him, and as I looked into his mouth I saw that his top two MOLARS are coming in! That's right, no canines, only his front 4 teeth and then MOLARS!! What does evolution say about that?