Friday, June 6, 2008

These were taken at Draper Park where our neighborhood got together to have a picnic - thanks, Andrea, for planning this, it was REALLY a BLAST!!

These were when we celebrated Poppy (my niece) and Robyn's (my MIL) birthdays. Jax wasn't too sure about this ride - when he gets nervous he reaches out and opens and closes his hands really fast - he was doing that like crazy RIGHT after I took this picture!! We really had fun at my SIL's!

Eli had his end of year program on Tuesday, June 3 - he was so cute - if you see him, ask him to sing any one of his songs - the "Elasomosaurus " (sp?) song, the "Bee" song, the "Ladybug" song. We got his end of year report, and they said that Eli is the smartest kid in class this year - he knows a little bit about everything - that makes him even more a Johnson - my sister is queen of knowing lots of things that only are worth more than spit if you are playing some kind of trivia game!!
Jory's grandpa, Grandpa Jay, turned 80 on Wednesday, June 4. Robyn threw a nice party for him. He is in great shape and just keeps going - doesn't look a day over 70 :). Don't tell him, but when we got home from the party Jonah said "I'm gonna miss Grandpa Jay", I knew grandpa was going on some dino dig excursion this weekend, but we see him so infrequently, I wasn't sure what Jonah meant, so I inquired and Jonah replied "When he goes to heaven, I'll miss him!" Wow - talk about out of left field!!Eli's last day of school was Circus Day - he was, Eli the Elephant - he has had a negative view of things lately. He said no one thought he was a cute elephant. OH - I beg to differ - he's the cutest Eli Elephant EVER!!

One more quick story. . . Eli comes to us on Monday with a movie, Baby Einstien - Noah's Ark, and says "God said I can watch this movie". Jory: "God said, huh?", Eli: "Yes", Jory: "What exactly did God say?", Eli: "YES, ELI, YOU CAN WATCH THIS MOVIE!" . . . well, if God says, who can argue with that?

A post from the side. . . "Mr. Worry Wort" We get home and Eli goes straight to the back yard from the car. I'm unloading and such, when I hear Eli calling out to someone (yelling) as loud as he can. So I go out there and Eli is yelling at a man redoing Jeremy, the neighbor next door's roof. He's saying "BE CAREFUL UP THERE" and such things. So I tell Eli to calm down and ask what the problem is. He says that it is dangerous and that the man needs to be careful. I said he knows what he's doing and kind of glad that Eli is worried about the man's safety. Eli says "No, if he falls and cracks his head and gets blood, Jeremy will be mad." So much for concern for his safety!


Laura Stringham said...

Weird that Eli and Jane only have one more year before kindergarten. Jane missed her program (and last 3 days of school) because she was "sick" and wouldn't go. He made an adorable elephant!