Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here I am

So much has been going on - now a chance to sit down and reflect for a second. . . I am so blessed to have my family. We are now going through our big decision with the housing situation. The Lord has seen to it to soften the banks heart and give us a steal on our home in Heber now that it is finished and we have to roll into a permanent loan. Jory thinks we will just sit on it for a while, the only decision now is do we sell this house and move in to it. I'll tell you, that, for me, is much easier to just mull over then bigger decisions like the "f" word (foreclosure, that is) or how to sell it. I may become a realtor so we can save that cost when the time comes to it . . . we'll see.

I have been spending time on my calling the last few days - organizing the plethora (I love that word) of things I have on preparedness so the ward people have information that I have. I am so excited to have this calling - I do really enjoy it. I have great ward people (I just got off the phone with your mom, Sheri) who do so much for our ward. I am truly blessed to be with them.

Of course I am blogging because I went to Julie & Julia last night with my MIL and SILs - it was good and I have renewed my love for Julia, but it reminded me how much I miss my blog.

Jax is getting bigger - Jory went to turn off his light the other night after he had "reading" time (he likes to "read" with his brothers before bed) and Jory opened the door and Jax looked at him, put his hand up, shook his head and went "woah, woah, woah, woah, woah". He is such a big kid - he says "OH MY GOSH!!" all of the time - and is just plain old big kid (he thinks).

Eli is needing to get out his tonsils - the earliest I could get is 1 week before school starts, so we'll have to see. I really don't want it to be that close, but another year of not breathing. . . ? He reads almost as well as Jonah, and really LOVES LOVES LOVES Pokemon.

Jonah just wants to play with friends, all day every day - no matter who or what or where. He still likes reading and is picking up money and time well. He is getting so big - he was baptized by Jory on July 11th - wow - an 8 year old!!

Jory's business is going so well - we are so blessed. His Grandpa Kimball passed away 2 weeks ago tomorrow - but it was a blessing for him - Todd is really seeming like a huge weight is lifted from his shoulders. He has been such a good example to us through this whole thing with his dad.

Well, I will try, try, try to get back sooner - I love to read what I write (it is my life, don't you know :)