Sunday, February 13, 2011

February already!

Wow, how time flies. We are so having fun - our best news to date is - 2 of my 3 children can tie their shoes!!!! I am vowing to work earlier on this with Jax!! 7 is too old not to be able to tie freakin' shoes!

Jax has been running a fever the last day or so - but I can't complain because this is the first sickness we've had since - well - since last winter - KNOCK ON SERIOUS WOOD!! The other boys are doing great (especially because they can tie their own shoes now)!!!

We've had some issues with the Heber house - we are trying to figure out what to do with it, but it is like a bad dream - just when you think it is over, something jumps up and bites you in the bum!

Well, I need to work on some things - keeping my house in order better, purchasing things for my home that I LOVE, not just want to buy now, and the perpetual losing weight. I also seriously need to work on my spirituality. Jory is always mentioning the admonition I've been given to study the scriptures. Now is a great time with that being such a focus in primary.

Hopefully I can get back in less than 3-4 months - put that on the list of things to work on...

peace out...