Thursday, October 20, 2011

Funny Kids...

The other day Jax was putting on his soccer clothes and he said "Wow! Mom! My soccer coach is gonna say he LOVES my socks!!!"  Who knew how exciting soccer socks could be!!

Later that night I was watching tv and a girl called her mom "mom".  Jax said... "that's just like you, she has your name 'mom'.  I bet her last name is Kathy just like you!!" 

Earlier today we were at the Walmart Market - the 3 stooges and I, and we were leaving and some rude person had ditched their cart right behind our car.  I was annoyed, Eli suggested we ram the car of whoever did it, and I just said, no, we just be sure we aren't that rude to someone else.  As we were having this conversation, Jonah went to work pulling multiple carts from around the lot and putting them in the cart corral, he was murmuring about the people who ditched their carts - "Who put that one there" "Why did someone leave a cart here" etc.  I showed him how to put two carts together to kill two birds, and he thought that was cool.  He got in the car and apologized for taking so long.  So sweet considering he was doing a job someone was getting paid for but not doing.  As we pulled out of the parking lot he said.  "Hmm.  Lazy people, coffee drinkers....the world wasn't made for people like that."  That makes me go "Hmm".

Just a few minutes ago Eli was asking how the baby could be due next Friday when he and Jonah are off school - kind of annoyed that that would ruin his plans or something I guess.  I said "That's cool!  Now you can come and watch!"  He said "No thanks, I don't want to see your organ".  Now I must explain this and clarify.  He hears the story often how I had to have an emergency c-section when he was born and Jory's embellishments lead the children to believe that all of my organs were out on the table when they got Eli out.  After he said he didn't want to see my organ and we had a good laugh, he said "Do you know which organ, Mom?" I said "No".  He said "Your heart".  Oh my.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Okay... Maybe more than 2-3 months...

Hello... I am sure no one is looking at my blog by now. I have gone a full pregnancy without even blogging about it once (another thing Jory gives me a hard time about). But I'd like to look back at the last nine months before our fourth son arrives and remind myself how lucky I am. I have had a very non-eventful pregnancy. That is usually how it goes for me. I have the trauma initially of whether or not the pregnancy is viable, or an ectopic pregnancy (I'm sure I've mentioned I've had 3 of those, the last one a year ago July taking my right fallopian tube), but once it has gotten to the right place (uterus), I usually am good. I have the nausea and I also have an icky aftertaste that makes things like chocolate not taste so good (which I am sure is most of the reason that I have only gained 1 pound my whole pregnancy), but I'll take that over so many other things that can be annoying or more traumatic during pregnancy. So I got the crib set up, with Jory's help, today, and am working on washing and putting away the clothes. I need to pack a hospital bag but other than that we are doing A-OK. Melinda Kunkel (our Primary President) has demanded that I wait until after the 16th at 2:15 - after our annual Primary Program. I hope that all works out - 11 more days, I think I'm good.

Jax is so funny about this baby. He initially named him Jack-Jack - not confusing at all, is it? He's not a big Incredibles fan, so I'm not sure he expects serious super powers out of his baby brother. He is getting very excited though. He then wanted to name him Scamper, which is from this ancient VHS movie the boys always watch at my parents house in North Carolina. Maybe this could be a nick name some day. Eli seems pretty indifferent, not talking much about the baby, and Jonah is ready for it to move in with him so he can change diapers and babysit him. We'll see how it really works out. He says "I've held Keira and Maylie, I'm like a parent!". Uh - sure thing, son.

We also have had a short-sale offer on the Heber house that we just found out last week the bank is accepting, so other then a little bit more money and a huge knock to our credit (I still can't get myself to look at my score), we will hopefully close on the house before or right after I deliver around the 28th. This will truly be an answer to our prayers. Bring it all on at once!! Not to mention all of the Halloween festivities I have to be ready for - and all three finishing up soccer seasons (the rain-out today puts me to the 26th for Eli's last game, and November 2 for Jax's.. that should be interesting.

Hope I've covered most things here..thanks for looking me up!!

The other day Jax said he would have milk to drink "It will make me strong because it has bones in it!".. He he he..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February already!

Wow, how time flies. We are so having fun - our best news to date is - 2 of my 3 children can tie their shoes!!!! I am vowing to work earlier on this with Jax!! 7 is too old not to be able to tie freakin' shoes!

Jax has been running a fever the last day or so - but I can't complain because this is the first sickness we've had since - well - since last winter - KNOCK ON SERIOUS WOOD!! The other boys are doing great (especially because they can tie their own shoes now)!!!

We've had some issues with the Heber house - we are trying to figure out what to do with it, but it is like a bad dream - just when you think it is over, something jumps up and bites you in the bum!

Well, I need to work on some things - keeping my house in order better, purchasing things for my home that I LOVE, not just want to buy now, and the perpetual losing weight. I also seriously need to work on my spirituality. Jory is always mentioning the admonition I've been given to study the scriptures. Now is a great time with that being such a focus in primary.

Hopefully I can get back in less than 3-4 months - put that on the list of things to work on...

peace out...