Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well - a couple of weeks later - here we are again. . . no more snow to speak of.

The kids have had Thanksgiving festivities at their respective schools. My Mom and Dad are here and so it has been nice to go do things, at the same time it has been nice for me to get things done and talk to teachers and such that I couldn't do with the baby. We are doing great - so thankful for all that we have been blessed with - good friends, a good business, good family - we are SOOOO blessed!

Not much else has been going on - as many of you know, we have been building a spec home in Heber - hoping to turn around and sell it - obviously we've been working on it before the real estate bust. And now we're working with a not very forthright builder - so that has been the bulk of our time and stress. The kids are happy and healthy so we will not complain - just try to get through this and then learn from our bad judgment.

So Happy Holidays to you all - may you always remember to be thankful for what you have - and grateful that the Lord doesn't give us what we deserve :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Week into November

Here I am again - a week later and it was a good relaxing one. We had Jonah's parent/teacher conference this last week. His teacher didn't say much about him, she is wanting me to grade some math so she went over that most of the time - that is good I guess. . . he really is doing so well!!

As you can tell the first snow came and went - Jax had fun until he was stuck because the snow was just too high for him to get through. Eli and his friend Henry had a blast and even helped shovel for a second. I had taken my camera in to the shop the day before I took these pictures - it just stinks - the lighting is so bad inside with it - I hope they junk it - anyways I took these on my camcorder I got when Eli was a baby - not bad for a 2-in-1 that is almost 5 years old.

My parents are coming out the 18th to the 3rd of December - we are so excited!! AJ may come out - maybe with or without Courtney. That will be great. Jonah is sending his Flat Stanley to them first and Jonah said "do they know who I am" - that was kind of sad - but he knows AJ and Courtney know and love him.

Eli is a reading fiend - he says "I can read now because I'm 4" - yeah, most 4 year olds are reading chapter books like (the abridged version of) "Frankenstein". . . Even Jax will sometimes act like he is reading something.

Jax's favorite book is Eric Carle's "The Very Quiet Cricket" board book - he loves that it chirps like a cricket at the end - he also loves any Veggie Tales movie - he is the first kid we've had to figure out how to pop out the DVD's from the case - NOT GOOD!! You have to watch that one!! The only thing is that even if he begs for it to be put in (which he does- he follows you around holding out the open case to you saying "peese, PEESE". And if you do something for him, he will follow you around and say "dat doo" (translation "thank you") until you say "you're welcome" and whenever anyone coughs or sneezes, if he just hears it like in the store, he says "dess doo" for "bless you" - so polite!!

Jonah turned in his reflections photography of Yellowstone Park this last week - we'll see how he does - his grandma is going to take him on Wednesday to Library Night at school so he can show it off - yes, Robyn, brownie points for you!!

I will try to get a little slide show going soon - if anyone has any camera buying advice, that would be great - I am so frustrated with the Canon A560 I got last May!!!

Thanks for checking in with me - I start my new calling today, but I am already subbing in my old class today - it will be good though - Luke Lloyd is moving so I had already planned a party for him, so we'll just cover them both today!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is Halloween Over Yet?

I do love this time of year, but this year I made myself a little crazier than usual... - I'll get a slideshow together soon I hope. But I just wanted to say Hi - that I did serious Halloween partying and I survived. The funny thing is that I looked at the calendar for this coming week - NOTHING in the evenings!! Maybe I should get my VTing done this week, although I just saw everyone last week - that will teach me!!

New news is that I was released from my Primary calling at church today and called as the Relief Society Chorister - I know, Mom and Nicki, stop laughing!! There is a little story behind that too, but I'll update that later as well.

Well, I'm here and alive and well - Jonah has that hackey cough thing - he gets it with the change of seasons, as a lot of kids do, but we're doing great... Thanks for hanging in there with me!!