Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is Halloween Over Yet?

I do love this time of year, but this year I made myself a little crazier than usual... - I'll get a slideshow together soon I hope. But I just wanted to say Hi - that I did serious Halloween partying and I survived. The funny thing is that I looked at the calendar for this coming week - NOTHING in the evenings!! Maybe I should get my VTing done this week, although I just saw everyone last week - that will teach me!!

New news is that I was released from my Primary calling at church today and called as the Relief Society Chorister - I know, Mom and Nicki, stop laughing!! There is a little story behind that too, but I'll update that later as well.

Well, I'm here and alive and well - Jonah has that hackey cough thing - he gets it with the change of seasons, as a lot of kids do, but we're doing great... Thanks for hanging in there with me!!


Kriss said...

I was feeling totally jealous of you yesterday, but now not so much because I had no idea you were the new chorister! Today, off the wall, Abbie said, "Poor Sister Kimball, she doesn't get to come to primary any more!" I refrained from telling her that there's nothing "poor" about it at all!