Monday, October 13, 2008

Tag - You're IT!!

Well, Kriss, here it is. Because I have a Mac, my picture file is set up somewhat differently, so I just did 8,10,8,10 - actually I came up with a picture of my wedding ring I took for insurance purposes first, but then changed the combination around a little so at least there was something to look at in the picture.

This is a picture of our house the beginning of last fall. I love the coleus and all of the colors. The plant in the planter just about died the beginning of spring because I had put it out too soon and it about froze to death. Good thing it is coming back, though. I love that plant. Any ways, here it is. . . now I'll tag Jamie, Kristi, and Capree. This tag is really easy. You go into your picture files on your computer, and go into the 10th folder and pick the 8th picture in that folder. Whatever random picture that shows up is now your new post! So easy!


Kriss said...

Love the random picture! It's cool that you take pictures of your yard. I would never think of that!