Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

Well, two things that I have found I love about blogging. First, it lets me catch up with my friends out there in the blogging world when I have time. It may be midinight, or when I’m out of town, but the blogs are there every day - that is GREAT!

The other thing that I am totally digging is that it gives me the chance to be nostalgic and think about things that are important to me, and lets me say it to everyone, especially when it wouldn’t be appropriate to call up my friends and say, “Hey, I’m feeling nostalgic about this. . .”

This brings me to what I wanted to post. Today is a nostalgic day for me. My dad’s birthday is October 6th, and my mom’s birthday is on October 8th. As a child, the 7th of October we celebrated them both - Dad would bring home a chocolate mint cake from Barbara’s Bakery (oh my goodness, I am salivating!) and we’d celebrate.

That made me get nostalgic about my hometown, Iowa City, Iowa. To be specific, downtown Iowa City. Iowa City isn’t great when you get to be a senior or so in high school or older but as a young teenager it was pretty fun. This was back in the day when parents could let their kids hop on the bus on Saturday afternoon, hang out down there, even if they didn’t really have any reason to go there. We’d go to “Every Bloomin’ Thing” and they’d have those pop-its and disappearing ink and fun “magic” stuff in the basement of the floral shop. Even back then I enjoyed looking at the cooking gadgets in the nice stores, led in there by the cool fortune teller in a box (a la "BIG"). We'd go to Younkers (like Macy's) and check out the new Swatch Watches and dream about buying Benetton sweatshirts in the Benetton store. We'd eat a cookie as we waited for the bus to come pick us up. Oh those were the days. . .

Then I started to think about my parents and how much I love them and all they have gone through with me. My parents are the best - and I know I say “I love you” all of the time, but, Mom and Dad, I really LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for being my anchors - especially when it got rough out there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH!!

Thank you for reading me in my nostalgia. . . peace-out.


Nikkie Benson said...

I also love that about blogging. If I just have a good memory or a random thought, I can post it and get it out. I'm glad to have another blog to read again!