Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a week!

Well, a little hiatus while we got back into the life of school school school!! This schedule stinks because Eli is afternoon preschool so the nap schedule is terrible for Jax.

So, this is my last week. . . Well, just Thursday through today. On Thursday, Jax woke up from his nap and had really red cheeks - I thought it was just from the crib, but it lasted the whole hour we pick up the boys. When we got home and I got him out of the car, he was burning up. All he wanted was to be held the rest of the night. It was nice, because he is definitely not usually the snuggly type, but he was getting really warm. . . and to top it off, he REFUSES to take any medicine. I got him to take some meltaway tablets, but he is right under the cutoff for two, so one didn't do a ton of good. We were all feeling fine, so Jory suggested it was teething. We had a regular 18 month checkup on Friday, which was perfect. So he was pretty good Friday - although he threw up a little (he was really cute - he came in to me and whimpered a little and pointed, so I got up and let him lead me to it at the bottom of the stairs - he looked sad, but kept running around as I cleaned up the Gatorade vomit). So we had his appointment and the doctor looked at his throat and said that he had a virus, although he was acting fine. The boys had a sleepover planned at Grandma's, so it was good that we only had to have Jax, but it would have been nice to get a babysitter just for one and go out to eat. But with this going on, I decided we should stay home. It's a good thing, too, because on the way home he threw up all over himself, and then that night his temperature got up to 105 degrees!! Jory had to go to the pharmacy and get Tylenol suppositories. That was fun. But it did work. The good thing is that at least when he slept he slept good to try to sleep it off.

Saturday he was whiny, but we just kept pumping the Gatorade - no milk, and a few crackers. It was rainy so we just dropped Jonah off at his soccer game and our friends brought him home (thanks, Barry).

While out, I ran to the gas station - and when I opened my door, I felt, and heard a small "pop". So I shut my door and tried to open it, but it wouldn't move at all. So I had to climb into the backseat and out - all windy and rainy on Eli and sickly Jax - while pumping the gas - in and out, playing with the door. So we get home, and, because I am my father's daughter, what do I do? I start trying to take the door apart. Of course with all of the electronics hooked to it, it is impossible. The one thing I have been blessed with, along with the gift to think I can fix anything, is the gift to know when I could possibly do more harm than good. So that didn't work. I didn't get it fixed that day - my warranty company was closed and I wanted to know what I was looking at cost wise, so I waited. At least I figured I could roll down the window and let myself out by opening it from the outside.

Meanwhile, Jax was getting better, which was good because Jory's family came out Sunday for brunch.

So, Monday comes and I take the car in and they get the warranty information to say they'll check if it is covered, because the warranty company told me this morning that they have to know what is wrong to know if it is covered. They take forever on the car, never call me - since my buddy Dave is gone, the new manager is not good at our Firestone. So I walk back and ask what is going on, they say "your warranty won't cover it" and it's $160 for a clip. I get about $20 taken off because usually the $50 fee they charge just to check it out goes toward fixing it. . . but they'd only take th $20 off. So, because I am my father's daughter, I decide to call and talk to the warranty company myself. . . the guy says that he is the only one there and that no one from Firestone had called that morning. So I go back and say that the warranty company is on the phone and will they talk to them because they haven't talked to anyone this morning. So they talk and it turns out I have $100 deductible. So I say "because you told me you talked to the warranty company and you didn't, can you take the rest of that $50 off?" He goes and talks to the manager and comes back and says that the manager said no, but he would do it. I had a rebate for about $30, so it ended up being about $55 out of pocket. Not too bad, but it did take 2 hours, and now we can't trust our car place - if anyone has any suggestions - PLEASE!!

So, while that was happening, my husband was with the boys. Jory was in the backyard getting the lawn mower and Eli was in the front, our neighbor, Alan, walked by and saw Eli and asked him where his parents were. Eli responded with "My mom and dad got shot". So Jory comes out and says "Hey, how's it going?" Alan says that he was just about to go call 911 because Eli says his parents got shot. It actually was probably a little believable because Eli is rarely out front alone, at least not for very long. . . No more Pokemon movies at this house!!

Then, Jory usually picks up the boys on Monday (THANK YOU JORY!), and he gets to do fun things with Jonah while waiting for Eli (I'm boring because we have the baby). So they go and pick out a football - I guess while they were in the store Jory asked Jonah 3 times if he needed to go potty because he was doing the dance. I happen to know Jonah is the kind of kid that doesn't go to the bathroom at school, for whatever reason, and often see the dance when we get home. He says he doesn't need to. . . Well, I know this because I took the boys to soccer later, and noticed in my car the floor mats all turned funny. I get out and go to straighten them, and they're all wet. Jory gives the kids snacks and water in my car, which, I know it sounds mean, but I don't because they ALWAYS make a mess with everything. So they can wait until we get home. . . anyways, Jonah comes back from getting a team mate we carpool with and I ask "who spilled water all over the car?" He looks right at me and says "it's not water" I say "what is it?" "it's pee." "Excuse ME?" - yeah. i know. GROSSSSS!! So I can't stand it - I call Jory to avoid beating Jonah - he tells me about asking him if he needed to go. . .WOW!! And Jonah's new thing any time he is in trouble is "I forgot" and it is starting to make us mad because he doesn't "forget", he just has other better things to do. . . besides use a toilet. Needless to say, he spent a lot of time in his room that night.

At bedtime, Jax fell off Eli's bed, putting a small gash (is that an oxymoron?) above his left ear, which reminds me - a couple of weeks ago my VT's were over visiting and Jax will sometimes not watch where he is going (imagine that!) and then he'll turn to watch. Well, he was watching us while he was walking, then he turned right as he caught the corner with his forehead!! I grabbed him as he wailed, and I let go to look at him and, well, you see the picture!!!

To top yesterday off, my father-in-law called to say that my SIL was in an accident and was at the hospital. She was needing an MRI. A girl with a suspended license was driving a pick up and ran a stop sign. Kristi also had the little girl she nannies in the car with her, and she was at Primary Children's Hospital. They both turned out to be okay, Kristi was home by the middle of the afternoon.

. . .Yesterday was NOT the best day ever.

Thanks for hanging in there with me - and my crazy life!!


Sheri said...

Kathy, Glad to know you are still alive in the blogging world. I must say this last week it would have sucked to be you. Hopefully from here on out things will get better. I love the Eli story about the two of you being shot...not on Forest Ridge(!), but out of the mouths of babes. So glad I don't have to deal with other people's bodily functions anymore! Sheri