Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello! Yes we are still here! What a crazy school year- with driving the kids up and back - and Eli being half-day kindergarten, it has eaten a good hour plus out of each day. Thank goodness the kids will be going to Sprucewood next year and can walk if I want them to. Jax will have preschool 2 times a week for a couple hours each - so that will be a good break!!

Well, we leave for North Carolina a week from tomorrow - so I've mailed out the kids clothes and am trying to get errands run - but Jax was very sick yesterday - running a fever of 103.8 most of the day. It broke for a little this morning, but he is warm again. So he's sitting around again - and the boys (Jonah and Eli) are just hanging out with Dylan. I would really like to get some things done- but I am getting a ton done here, like blogging for instance.

The Heber house is still there - attempting to short sell it, but we'll see - I really wish the torture would end. Jory's office is turning over big time - Maria is moving and he has 3 new people coming in. It's been a tough month for him. Our callings in church are going well. I need to get working on my part of the Primary Program for October. And work on my SIL baby shower right when we get back from NC.

Anyway, we are here, we are doing great and are so grateful for all of our blessings!!