Monday, June 16, 2008

Is it really a vacation if. . .

Yesterday I was awoken by my 4 year old, Eli, at about 7:30 am - "Mom, I throwed up" - yes, and good morning to you, too. So I go into the boy's room and there is throw up all over his bed, duvet cover AND duvet, on his bed skirt, and on the rug on BOTH sides of his bed. Luckily I see none on him. I get everything ready to wash (PS. IKEA duvets and covers wash up quite nicely - very pleasantly surprised at the duvets outcome). So I ask, after awhile of doing this, if he got any on Jonah's bed - Jonah says "look" - it is all over Jonah's duvet, and because it stinks like, well, puke, I need to wash his duvet as well. So this takes all day, of course.

But poor Eli, he threw up one more time really good (right on my parents beige carpet, of course, and a few more times in the waste basket (which is now the ONLY thing he will throw up in, "NOT in the TOILET!"). Then he slept from about 10 am until about 4 pm which is good that his body makes him get the rest he needs when he is run down!

I asked Jonah if Eli threw up in the morning or during the night and Jonah said it was during the night. I asked him why he didn't wake me up, he said "You told me not to". So much for threatening them not to wake me up in the morning for food or a TV show. So I had to clarify - if someone wets the bed or throws up, you can wake me up. So now I felt even more sad for poor Eli who slept in his puke so I could sleep. We don't know if it was the fact that he actually ate more than one meal on Saturday, or all the ocean water he has ingested the last week. But he is fine today - thank goodness.

Yesterday was a very good day to be sick - it was Sunday and my Mom's ward had a special Stake meeting so we didn't go to that, and it was overcast and we actually had lightening storms so bad that when talking to Jory for Father's Day the phone cracked and went dead - YIKES!

Well, Jory actually seems more stressed out now that we have gone. Our lawn apparently has a fungus, so 3/4 of it is dead, and he feels overwhelmed at the things he feels he needs to get done, so he is not sleeping well thinking of all of this. If you happen to see him, maybe give him some adult contact that isn't patient to doctor, or employer to employee. He needs to definitely get out more.

Oh, and yes, Kriss, the package arrived on Monday, thank you and congratulations on your news!!!

Better go, the Utah natives are restless!!


Kriss said...

It sounds like you are having so much fun! I'm thinking I should send Jesse over to check on Jory. I told him he should plan a dude's movie night with everyone. Maybe I'll remind him of that too.