Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fungus does not mean Fun with Gus

Sometimes I feel like God understands I can't handle major catastrophes, tragedy or other such life altering occurrences so he has blessed me with things like fungus. Yes, I know fungus is not one of life's major travesties, however, it is like that tickle you get in the small of your back that you just can't reach. No I have not lost a limb, my hair is receding not bald yet, and my 1994 mazda protege purrs like a kitten as I make my daily sojourn down to the office. Yes fungus does itch, it gives off a zangy aroma, is not the highlight of most persons involved with infectious disease, but right now it haunts my every dream. It feels my mind with stirring thoughts of complete insanity followed by gnashing of teeth"biblical reference", and the urge to run down my quiet, conservative street at Forest Ridge butt naked howling like a dog at the moon. My bed calls, fungus free for the time being, with this I give a shot out to my three handsome boys and my sexy wife. Yo Yo East Side Mormon hollering at your feet, dope y'all peace out.


kathy kimball said...

So, I really think for the moment we are better off here than there - although it might be "The Shining" moment I've been dreading!! Love you, Honey!!

Kriss said...

I had no idea Jory has such a way with words, especially the thug talk at the end.
That was unexpected, but funny.