Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Day. . .

Hello, not much going on again today - just preparing for our trip a week from Monday to NC - and the end of school looms near.

Eli went to "Day Out with Thomas" this last Saturday with Jory - they had so much fun - Jory especially enjoyed Sir Topham Hatt!
I took the boys on Monday to Speed Racer - we saw it in the IMAX theater - it was pretty good - Jonah loved it, but Eli was so sick - he had a fever and was curled up in a ball. Because of the roller-coaster-like scenes with the racing, I was just waiting for him to puke all over- but we got home and he took a nap - a 6 hour nap. He was better when he got up, watched a movie until 11 pm, and then went back to sleep and was fine. Whew!

Jax is super tired - it has been hard having Eli's carpool at 11:30 - Jax goes down about 10:30 - I got him down at 10:00 today, but he is WIPED and boobing about EVERYTHING!

Well, you'll see that I found a few more friendly blog links - Jonah's (BEST) teacher, my 2 of my brother-in-law's and their wives, so check it out!!


Kriss said...

I'm wondering if Speed Racer was worth the time? Dylan would love to see it!

The Kimball's: Four Boys and a Girl said...

yes - I think Dylan would love it- there are a few "hell's", and the kid flips the bad guy off, but it was fun. It was kind of done like "The Cat in the Hat" or "The Grinch", but a little creepy like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"- the colorful over done look. The racing is cool, the story kind of straightforward, though I was a little preoccupied watching Eli. The girl (Christina Ricci) is cute (even though I used to think she was kind of creepy), and Abby might like her, Eli loved the chimpanzee, but I don't think it is worth the money to bribe her to go if she doesn't need to. Here is a link to some reviews - before you look, just know I don't condone drug use of any kind:)
Let me know what you think!!