Saturday, May 17, 2008

So, so long!

Sorry it has been a few days. On Monday my sister, Nicki, had a baby boy - he came about 1 month early, so last I heard the only name he had to go by was "Plant", picked by my niece, Alyson, who is 3 and who we have yet to meet!! Hopefully the name has changed, but the important part is that he seems to be doing well, by all of my parents accounts.

So, we are trying to decide the whole where to live issue. We absolutely LOVE our neighborhood - but I drive both of the boys to school, about 15 minutes each day for Jonah. More annoying than the drive, though, is that everyone at his school lives up by it, for the most part, and I'd like him to play with those kids too, to strengthen relationships. Every time he gets a note to play at someone's house, I have to explain that we live out of the neighborhood, so it is more difficult. Anyways, a friend of my BIL's came by to discuss a roofing job, and I got all excited about redoing this, putting in a backyard, etc. because the guy is a contractor so he does all of that stuff. So I'd like it if we hunkered down and put some time, $, and effort in, or started over.

A funny story from Jonah on Thursday. So I preface this with how Jory tries to instill a need to be good with the boys by telling them that they are Kimball's. "You are Kimball's - Kimball's would do (blank) or wouldn't do (blank)". We are in the car on the way home from school, and Jonah decides he wants to go to McDonald's for dinner - which is usual because we pass one on the way home. So he's saying to me "So, I want McDonald's for dinner." No response is necessary from me so he says "Yeah, Mom, we are Kimball's, and Kimball's can go where they want for dinner - Kimball's can go to McDonald's" - it was so funny!!

Jonah has been doing very good in school, and pretty much the only notes I get home say that he was very good at helping someone out or being patient while teachers dealt with a problem student. He also has been doing great at soccer. They had his last game today, and he is such a go-getter. He is just all over the place, and although he only got one goal this year - I am SOOO proud of him!! Some of his teammates have conked out mid game because the field is about double what they had last season, but Jonah just kept on trucking!! It is in the 80's today - so I have barely seen him - out on the slip-n-slide with the boys, now watching a tramp being put up in the neighbor's yard.

Eli is just running out crazy in the back with Dad and Jax. Jory had a camp out with the deacons last night and Eli and Jonah slept over at Jory's parents house. I got yardwork done - I was out there until about 12:00 midnight. It was good to get it done. So I go pick up the boys in the morning and Eli looks at me and says "I peed my pants" I looked at him and said "Right now?", he said "No, last night" - this is the first my MIL heard of it and says she had no clue. Sorry Robyn - and more laundry for Mom.

Jax slept from 7:30 last night until 8:30 this morning. It was great. He even took a good 3 1/2 hour nap - maybe he's hitting a growing spurt - not my baby! He is just hitting the back yard like no tomorrow - and will not stop going- Jory is out there with him and Eli. A good little break for me. Jory is kind of fading because everyone forgot sunscreen and they did a 5 mile hike today - he is FRIED!!

Well, better go get some grub started!! Thanks for stopping by!


Kriss said...

I have to say that you moving is a VERY BAD IDEA!

Laura Stringham said...

You're thinking of moving? What!? I suppose I don't have room to talk. I love that Jonah turns that statement around on you guys because Jane does that all the time. You just can't win. Those boys are adorable and we need to have them come play on Jane's new swing set.