Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holy Sabbath!

Well, it is now Tuesday - but Sunday gave me much to write about.

So we're at church today, and we’re in sacrament, and my 6 year old, Jonah, who just was given a new suit (at his request) and looks so handsome, asks to read my Bible. I’m so impressed, I turn to the lesson I know he will be having in primary. He reads it and I ask him a few questions about what he read, and he is dead on with his answers. So impressed am I, and he asks me to find Joshua. He reads some of that. Then I get out the Book of Mormon and turn to the Beatitiudes in 3 Nephi 12, and he got to verse 2 and it said "Yea, blessed are they who shall believe in your words, and come down into the depths of humility and be baptized. . ." So I pronounce "depths" and explain it by saying “depths means the very bottom” and Jonah looks at me and says “whose hairy bottom?”

Primary Proteges:

Next, in primary, the bishopric member doing sharing time is talking about families and asks the children what differences there are in families. He’s going for “some have only a mom”, “some may also have a grandma”, etc. Thankfully, instead of blurting out which she is very much prone to do, a little girl in my class turns right to me and says: "I know, they all have different germs!"

Eli, my 4 year old, during this same meeting, is watching the bishopric member put words up on the board. The word is "family" but there are many of them in many different languages. Two words are put up together (of course I don't remember what they were) but one started with an "H" and one with a "B". So Eli, my 4 year old reader, says: "I know, it says Happy Birthday"

Later, Eli goes on to stick his tongue out at his teacher when asked to sit down. Then, when the bishopric member first gets up, it is so quiet and the bishopric member even says "it is so quiet, I can even here myself!" Some kid makes some silly comment, then, from behind me, I hear a comment to the bishopric member in a voice I've known for the last 6 3/4 years "that's easy for YOU to say!" - needless to say, I looked like mother of the year today!


Kriss said...

I actually quite enjoyed Jonah's comments! It makes Primary fun!