Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Break!

Well, thanks for the plug, Nikkie, but I took Jax to the doctor this morning and I guess he has adenovirus. Everyone has had it here but me (SERIOUS knock on wood!). Eli finally was better by Monday, that is when Jonah got sluggish and Jax started his normal 104-105 fever at night routine. It wouldn't be too bad, but he will NOT take any medication - we've tried everything - and he has even figured out how to poop out the suppositories we have digressed to. Today he does have a little appetite back and he slept in until 10:45 (I had to wake him up for his doctor appointment). But what a great 2 week break we've had.

I did get to take out Eli for an adventure yesterday - he is such a good kid. We had fun at Cabelas and then I took him around on errands - he is really laid back.

Today has been laundry, laundry, laundry - washing EVERYTHING in the bedrooms and around, scrubbing the kids tubs and putting towels on everything that he is laying on.

I'll try to post some pictures tonight!! Thanks for checking in with me.


The Pfau's said...

Yikes Kathy! I am so sorry. That is a horrible way to have to spend your "Break". I hope everone is well now. I think you need to convince Jory that your ready for your "Break" Maybe at the spa?