Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!

Good things the holidays are close together or I'd be writing every 6 months!! I vow to try to do better (again). . . Well, we're still working on the house in Heber. I ordered appliances this last week, and I went up on Monday (yes, for those of you here in Northern Utah, Monday) in a blizzard and can't believe we made it back alive - I had the three boys with me. When I got to the house, some subs were there working on the house next door - it was one of the subs the builder didn't pay with our money, so it was a little awkward. But always a good time to explain our side of the situation. I was planning to go inside and pick carpet colors for the house, but there was no getting into it. Maybe if I didn't have the kids, I could have killed myself, but I wasn't going to strand them up there. The guys told me they were supposed to get 17 inches of snow, so I promptly went back home, with more questions than answers.

Enough about that. How about the adventure that night. . . Jory's grandpa always has a Christmas party. Because there are so many great-grandkids - and all of us, this year we went to one of Jory's family's favorite mexican restaurants, El Farol's. So I was already wiped out - I had stayed up all night wrapping and getting Christmas all ready, then the white-knuckle drive to Heber. . . So I sat with the kids, Jory sat at another table with the baby. I kind of manned the doorway, so I was up and down. Eli ate a bunch of chips, but seemed fine. When his dinner got there, he ate one fry and then made a gagging motion - his face went pale and I grabbed him and ran for the bathroom - we almost made it, at least it was right in front of the dishwashing area and out of the dining room. He would have picked fruit punch to drink, though. So Jory changed him - thank goodness for the updated spare clothes always kept in the MV. Then not long after that Jax started gagging- I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom - holding him on his back so at least then it would be contained on him - he let out a little, but it wasn't too bad. So we did the obligatory family picture and bolted.

That night Eli was spiking a fever of 103, but he wasn't complaining, though he did have to go to the bathroom and didn't quite make it at about 3:00am, no biggie, but at 3:30 Jax woke up puking and did that about 3 times through the night. I was up, giving him a bath, waiting for his "budgie" (that can be blankie or binki, depending on what he wants) to wash and dry. Then have him puke on the couch - needless to say I went to bed about 5:00 am. Eli was hot all day but thank goodness didn't get sick again, and the two of them went to bed at 11:00am for a nap - Jax waking up at about 4:00 and Eli waking up about 5:30. Neither of them ate too much and Eli was still spiking a fever of 103. They went to bed, Eli ended his night by telling me he wasn't going to throw up, "I only did that one time at the cafe", and by telling Jory "I have a broken heart, Dad". So dramatic.

Eli was up about 5:30, again running to the bathroom, but he made it without going in his pants (whoo hoo). But he said his eye hurt - Dad does eyes. So he woke up Dad and we both noticed he was burning up - his eyes were just dry, so more tylenol and some eye drops, and he slept in bed with me the rest of the night - he is so peaceful to watch sleep. He did ask me, before nodding off, if I thought he was cute - I love that they ask me instead of just wondering - even little men know we don't read minds.

So Jory is off to work a half day, and do his annual Christmas shopping afterwards (which is now) - Jax just went down for a nap, and the boys are playing their Leapsters. . . Jonah told me last night that he is hoping Santa brings him good stuff for his stocking. I asked him what good stuff would be. . . He said "A box of the small candy canes, or maybe one big candy cane" I thought, what a nice, simple, not too greedy request - good boy - then he adds thoughtfully ". . . and a dog". Oh he will be sadly disappointed.

We will be going to the Kimball's house for Christmas Eve - for dinner and presents with the family. Tomorrow we will do our own morning and then Robyn and Todd will come out to us in the late morning. Then we'll have a buffet midday with them again. That's where we'll see Grandma Jeannine. Grandma Jeannine's 80th birthday is in just over a week and so we'll have a surprise party for her at Jory's Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jim's house - I don't need to worry about her seeing this because she still has a rotary phone - no computers live at her house :).

Jonah just came in and had gone to wash the screen of his Leapster - he says "Mom, this strange thing happened. . ." and is holding out the Leapster - dripping wet - he ran the whole thing under the faucet - OMGoodness!! Santa will need to rethink some gifts tomorrow!!

Well, hope there are some positive things you can glean from this - I hope that some people I sent Christmas cards to have found us. I always think how boring my life is, but then when I sit down I think of all of these things that happen that I want to remember forever. . . and that was just the last 2 1/2 days!!

I will look later to find out what friends have been doing - it takes me a day to do mine and a day to look at all of the fun stuff going on with everyone else. I'll also try to get some pictures on today or tomorrow!!

May you find peace in our Savior's love, especially at this time of year, and know that he was born and died for each of us. We are grateful for his life - for what he did for us!!

Thanks for bearing with me!!


Nikkie Benson said...

Yikes! I hope the rest of the holidays were throw-up free. Sounds like you have a lot of fun family traditions though.