Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny, Funny Boys!

So a couple of weeks ago we were in the car and had just dropped off Jonah at school. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the light above where Jonah had been sitting was on. I said to Eli, "please turn that off" knowing full well that he couldn't reach it at the time, but hoping when we got out he would turn it off. He reaches up and over as high as he can (he can barely reach the ceiling straight up when his seat belt is on) and says "It's of no use, Mom".

Eli woke me up yesterday to a faint "I love you so much, Mom" - what a great way to wake up!!

Yesterday afternoon we were going to Walgreen's and I had said it was a "drug store". Jonah questioned that because he knows not to do "drugs" so I explained good and bad drugs. We get to the store and Jonah asks what we are getting. I said I needed a medicine and again Jonah was alarmed. I explained that I take a medicine so that we won't have another baby. Jonah looks appalled that we don't want another baby and I said that the three of them were all I could handle right now. So I said "three is enough, isn't it?" just to see what they would say. Jonah muttered something about three boys and so did Eli. So I said to Eli - "three boys are enough, aren't they?" to which Eli replies, "Yeah, three boys and a sister" (this is not the first time he has mentioned having a baby sister:).

After school, as I was making dinner we watched my favorite "judge show" (The People's Court) after which "The Insider" comes on (about all of the star gossip). Yesterday, however, it started with President Obama's (wow that sounds weird) inauguration ball's and the events of the previous day and night. Jonah has been very into the new president and all of the events around the campaign and just everything about having a new president. So he is watching all of this (mostly about what Mrs. Obama was wearing and such) and then Beyonce comes on (because she is so aware of what makes a great president), but she says something and then adds "He was born to lead us." Jonah scrunches up his face and looks annoyed and says "He was born in Hawaii, not Toledo".

Yesterday morning on the way to take Jonah to school we were talking about Eli's school and I accidentally called it "preschool". He went on and on about it is CHALLENGER school - Jonah jumped in and said his grade was preschool - turning into a small brawl. Then this morning I was telling Jory that yesterday I we were talking about Eli's school and I called it "p-r-e-s-c-h-o-o-l" (which, by the way, Jory hates the spell-it-out thing - my mom used to do it all of the time, but Jory doesn't spell that fast), anyways, Eli pipes right in and says "yeah, it's CHALLENGER school, not preschool" - he is a young and fast speller!!

Jax is just talking up a storm!! His favorite phrase this Christmas season, with all of the lights and that outside, has been "oooo wa wa" (like "ohh la la"). Generally it was really cute, although sometimes it was the WHOLE time "ooo wa wa, ooo wa wa, ooo wa wa") but it was a nice distraction when it was needed. He loves the toy trucks and cars at Grandma's house and threw a fit screaming and crying "toy, toy, toy" the other day when we were going just to pick up the boys from a sleepover - he wanted those "toys". He loves "planes" and "boyds" (birds), and calls both his blankie and binki "budgie", which actually works okay because he usually has them both only at bed times. "Chew-e" is "Lightning McQueen" - "Cars" is his favorite movie ever! "Moonya" means both "movie" (which he got very spoiled with when he was sick over the holidays), and "morning". At night we say "love you", he says "duh doo" and we say "see you in the morning" and he says "moonya" and "have good dreams" he says "goo dwe". The first time he said morning, I thought he was asking for a movie at bed time, which was strange because they all really go to bed just great.


The Pfau's said...

I love all the adorable things little kids say. Your boys are so cute! Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile!

Nikkie Benson said...

You're going to be so glad to have this to look back on. I wish I had written down all the funny things through the years. I guess there is no time like the present to start!

Jana Sohm said...

This made me laugh. Jax and Jakey need to get together to see what else they can come up with. Kids are so cute. Thanks for making me smile- I needed it!