Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More and More pictures

The only thing that stinks about taking pictures, well, there are 2 things. . . 1- I have to choose only a few to post, and 2- I have to blog every second to keep up!!

On Monday we went to a really fun Alligator park. It was really nice and actually had a good variety of animals. We just took Jonah and Eli, Mom stayed home with a sleeping baby Jax.

We then hit the pool, of course. . .

. . . and then for dinner we went to Benjamin's - an all you can eat seafood buffet. It was SOOO good! You could have all the crab legs you could eat, all the shrimp, any way you could ever want it - it was Paradise! Even Jax gnawed on a few legs.

Oh - and Jonah realized today he has his FIRST loose tooth - it's about time, he just turned SEVEN, you know!

Yesterday morning Dad took Me, Jonah, and my cousin's 10 year old son (is that my 2nd cousin?)Jeffrey from Jersey to the driving range at the REAL golf course. Jonah had a blast, but now I think he knows why my score WAS more like 150 when I played with Dad. We really had fun, though.

That afternoon we went on our last jaunt to the beach. It was really fun - Jonah found this poor dead crab he carried around like his best friend, and, as is par for the course, Eli wouldn't get out of the water until he conquered every last wave. Jax, as usual, wandered and checked out all the girls, and tried to take every last abandoned shovel. He was pretty good about staying fairly close, for a 15 month old.

This morning Jax and I hung out outside and wandered the circle in front of my parent's house. It's nice, although I think he now thinks it's okay to wander into the middle of the street. It was nice for him to get out and just wander. He doesn't get to do that often here because there are no fences and a stream (that is actually all dried up, therefore just as scary) runs right behind their house. So he's not allowed back there, only in the front with someone with him. He actually can open all doors to the outside but one, so if you get bolted out of the house, you have to go to the back open porch to get in. Then Dad, Jonah, Eli, Jeffrey, and my Aunt (my Dad's sister, Jeffery's Grandma)Corinne went mini golfing and then to lunch - and a quick stop to Walmart (I can't believe I filled up a 2GB SD card!). We then went to the pool for an hour or so and then had dinner at Aunt Corinne's. It was a very nice day.