Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Day in Calabash

So tomorrow we go back to my sister's house near Raleigh to celebrate the 4th of July (my sister's birthday, too) and then leave on Sunday the 6th. Today was our last full day in Calabash. This morning my parents took the boys to a nautical museum so I could pack - of course Jax has been napping 3-4 hours, but only a couple today, but I got most of our things together.

I got to go run errands alone for an hour or so - so nice to have a few minutes to actually think for myself!! We then went, you guessed it, swimming.

We came home had dinner and then got the kids dressed for the beach so I could take a few pictures of them at the beach - Eli fell asleep (can you tell) on the way and was out cold. But we got a few. . .


Jana Sohm said...

Kathy- These pictures are darling! I love the one of Jonah by himself. He is going to be quite the ladies' man.

Nikkie said...

I love your beach pictures! The beach is one of my favorite places-especially the atlantic ocean. Hope your homecoming was good and you're getting settled back into summer after your fun trip. If you're like me, now you're in desperate need of a date night with Jory as well as some alone time-hope you get it!