Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This sure has been a crappy year. Not only for me but for quite a few people that I love dearly. But right now I NEED to write down - for the 1/2 second I have - the things that I am most grateful for - fortunately this list is ALWAYS longer than my trials and tribulations... so, for my sanity right now, here I go:

A FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, AWESOME, PATIENT, and KIND husband - what else can I say - for those of you who know him - therefore love him too - what more is there to say

3 beautiful HEALTHY boys... Jonah for his smile - and that he is at the age where I can joke around with him. Eli for his randomness - in just about every conversation I have with him I end up wondering where the subject turned from a serious conversation to his random thinking pattern (what can I say - I think I know what side of the family he gets THIS from...). And Jax for those big brown eyes - and how he hasn't given up on wanting to play with me. Jory says I take it for granted that he always wants me - but I do love it... I play it down so Jory doesn't get more jealous.

Great Parents... who raised me - let me make so many dumb mistakes and learn from them, to be the person I am today. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I think I turned out okay. And even better yet - they still (at least act) like they want to hang out with me and my family, well, at least my family :)

My Heavenly Father - who allows me to learn, therefore grow, from my mistakes every day. I am anxious to ask him a few questions, and continue to grow while I am here.

I am glad I am here - learning and growing - hoping to be more compassionate, loving and giving - mostly to my own family. To learn when to care, and when to let go. Always knowing all things are in God's hands, and that I am here to try to make a difference to all that I come in contact with. It is up to me what kind of difference I choose to make in other peoples lives. I pray I will always pray that I will chose love and compassion - I am really needing to do that right now...

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I really needed this!