Saturday, May 12, 2012

So Jory mentioned the other day (ok, a couple of months ago) that I have been so neglectful of this blog/journal, that we are still missing our newest family member.  Remy Jory Kimball was born 11.2.11 (not 11.1.11, much to Jory's dads dismay)...  He is fabulous!  We all try to see "who he looks like"... I think he looks like... Remy... I was just downloading all of my videos over the last 8 years, sometimes Eli was his twin, other times Jonah.  He just has the little Kimball boy look.  We love him!  Jonah is (almost always) the most helpful and best big brother ever!!  Eli tries to carry him around... that is a little scary to watch... and Remy already has a best friend picked out in Jax... no matter what Jax does, tries to nudge him around on the floor like dogs, say "REMY!" as loud as he can multiple times right in his face, whatever, Remy smiles and squiggles with glee.  It is so fun to watch our last little one and enjoy him every minute.  I don't even mind waking up the multiple times at night because I know it won't last forever!  He is still trying to roll over but is sitting fairly well by himself (sometimes gets off balance and flies backwards.. he doesn't like this one bit, but he isn't doing as much of the slow mushing forward that he used to do.. that looked painful!).  And no teeth coming through as of yet... he likes his cereal and stage 2 food, though!!

So, to update us... biggest news, the Heber house was sold a few weeks ago... so besides a small restitution we will slowly pay off and some possible tax consequences, we are done.. I think the best things that we could hope for are happening.  We short sold it, not foreclosed, so that is good...

We are so blessed that Jory's practice is doing quite well.  He is the Elder's Quorum president which is keeping him busy and up some nights.  He is helping to coach Eli's soccer team practice and gets to as many games for the three boys as he can.  Right now, wrangling the lawn, his biggest nemesis, is his greatest project.

I have started spending some time on myself, I've joined a gym that gives me 2 1/2 hours of kid care a day and I try to take full advantage!! It's the only time I get a shower without other little boys yelling at me from the other side of the door!  I love it and have been seeing a huge improvement in my running in just the past 6 weeks or so... I also have been doing a boot camp with my good friend and neighbor, Aimee.  It is killer, but it is so good.  Again I have seen a huge improvement in my stamina.. Thanks, Aimee! 

Jonah is doing soccer and has started piano lessons.  He had "federation" where he played 2 pieces  from memory and was judged on them... and he got a superior!!  He actually had to do it twice because his first pieces weren't quite at his level, so he had new pieces to learn and got another superior!!  Way to go!  He was so cool and well prepared,  we are proud of him!  He is going to a tutor after school for math in in one month his teacher has been extremely proud of his improvement, and he likes the improved confidence he's felt with his math as well.  He has had some big projects and performances and has risen to the occasion each time.

Eli is doing soccer and is in a "Finding Nemo" play.  The play will be held on May 23 at his school.  He seems confident about his part as "Nigel the Pelican" so we are excited to see it since he has been working on it since January.  He is doing well at soccer and enjoys his team.  He is a voracious reader and is one of the best spellers in his class!!  He has "kaleidoscope" and "maneuver" on this weeks list...WOW! With his reading he does accelerated reading at school where they read a book and take a test and he has gotten 200% so far.. AWESOME!  He is so inquisitive about everything... he really makes me think.  One funny thing he did... after his baptism, when he was being confirmed, the bishop (Bishop Mark Dixon) asked him if he knew what a "saint" is... Eli said "I know it's a football team..."  Silly Eli.

Jax is, you guessed it, doing soccer as well.  He is so fun to watch, and usually gets a goal or two (at least) each game, and a couple of assists, too! He is doing well at Newcastle preschool and is trying to read like his big brothers.  He loves to take his turn "reading" scriptures with us in the morning.  It is great!  He is so laid back and a friend to everyone.  We love his little freckles and big brown eyes!!

So that is us for now... we are just here, considering updating some things now that the Heber house is mostly out of the way.  We are healthy and happy, what more could we want!!

Thanks for hanging in with us!